Saturday, May 8, 2010

i don

is this how it's supposed to be?
just one little mistake and then i'm free?
i say one word i'm free from friends,
i make one phone call i'm free from love,
i do one wrong i'm free from happiness...
is this how it's supposed to be?

everytime i move it's just in circles,
seeing the same thing over and over again,
it feels like time's going slower,
things are not working right,
i take one look and realize,
that i'm losing everything.

why am i the one losing?
why is it me?
there's other people in this world,
can't they feel the same pain as me,
just for one tiring day?
i feel like i'm losing everything,
i'm no longer here,
why is it i take one step,
everything is gone?

one foot down, a hole comes in,
taking it's place.
and then i fall,
down into a black hole,
that i thought wouldn't be there anymore,
but everytime that i look down,
i can't ever see the ground.

i'm losing you,
i'm not sure why,
but everytime i speak to you,
the realationship dies,
just a little.
everytime i fall,
a new shade of darkness falls in.
and when i finally reach the ground,
another vortex sweeps me back in.

and when i do find a solid place,
to land my feet again,
it'll be with someone who understands me.
someone who will be my friend.
someone who can love me the way i am,
and not for who they want.

then when i say one word,
i'll have friends,
when i make one phone call i'll have love.
and when i do one wrong, i'll feel happiness,
cause i know i can learn from it...

when i find that serenity,
i'll be me again,
the one that everyone knows,
the one that everyone loves,
the one,
that i,
can love.

so i ask again,
jsut so you can understand,
it this how it's supposed to be?
just one little mistake,
and then,
i'm free?